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Audrey Glenn

Audrey Glenn
Telecom Tax Compliance & Reporting Professional

Audrey Glenn is an experienced regulatory compliance professional, with a well-rounded background in government, corporate, and private practice settings. With work experience on Capitol Hill, the FCC, and multiple federal agencies, Ms. Glenn is able to bring an insider’s perspective and approach to federal advocacy and compliance. She is a business-minded thinker with a unique ability to translate complex regulatory requirements into actionable business processes.


Regulatory Counsel

Counsel and advise clients on key aspects of operating as a telecommunications carrier in the United States. Advise clients on issues related to the NGCS transition, NG9-1-1, including federal and state network reliability requirements and industry best practices. Particular knowledge and expertise on issues related to data privacy, protection and security. Expert-level understanding of FCC revenue reporting requirements (Form 499-A/Q), federal universal service fund (USF), telecom taxes. Collaborate with all levels of the organization to identify compliance risks, address improper practices, and to report possible violations.


Software Development & Consulting

Design and implement software to address complex regulatory requirements. Particular expertise in translating complex legal and regulatory language into programmable components. Serve as both subject matter expert and lead designer in the development of telecom-focused compliance software. Successfully designed, built, and implemented compliance software related to telecommunications tax compliance and management, entity registration and compliance, tax mapping, and community-based lending (CDFI).


Tax Compliance & Management

Facilitate and manage the preparation and review of federal, state, provincial and local authority tax returns on behalf of clients. Respond to tax authorities on behalf of clients and assist clients with tax audits. Research issues and draft technical memoranda regarding various state and local tax matters.