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Every organization that is doing business with the Federal Communications Commission must provide their information to the FCC. In order to do that, you need to take help from a company that has immense expertise with it. Form499.pro can help you with FCC Form 499 Registration Services. We can help you register through the FCC website and provide the basic information they need to conduct business.


If you are looking for FCC Form 499 Registration Services in the United States, you can quickly get in touch with us. At Form499.pro, we have professionals with several years of experience in preparing and submitting tax forms and payments to all jurisdictions in the United States.


Understanding the FCC Form 499-A and 499-Q


Form 499-A is a form that every telecom provider must submit to the Federal Communications Commission every year. Telecommunication companies can also submit this form quarterly, which is Form 499-Q. The purpose of the form 499-Q is to report the company revenue for the previous quarter and using form 499-A, the company can report revenue for the previous calendar year.


The Federal Communications Commission leverages this data for evaluating and assessing the regulatory fees and the contributions for funds like Universal Service Fund (USF) according to the Communications Act of 1934.


FCC Form 499 Filer Database


The FCC Form 499 Filer Database is an identification system for every interstate telecom carrier, every interconnected VoIP providers, and other providers of interstate telecommunications. The providers must register with the commission utilizing FCC Form 499-A as per the instructions and update their registration every year. As per the instructions, filers should submit the FCC Form 499-A to USAC.


Though the registration data filed through Form 499-A is public, you can get it from FCC Form 499 Filer Database. But, most of the FCC Form 499 Database information is not available to the public. The FCC Form 499 Filer Database is utilized by the consumers, industry, and FCC.


The FCC Form 499 Filer Id helps in identifying the provider’s FCC Form 499 Filer Id, primary address, the state in which the carrier provides services now, or has plans to provide services in the next year. Along with it, you will have the designated agent for service of process. The agent will help you know the FCC Form 499-A Instructions, what is filer id, FCC Form 499 Filer Id, and any other details about the filer database. As the agent knows complete information about FCC Form 499-A Instructions, the process is completed smoothly.


Who requires the Federal Communications Commission registration?


Telecommunication companies can file to get the Federal Communications Commission registration numbers (FCC 499 Registration), once they begin telecom services. Then, companies must file the form by the 1st of April every year or you could also do every quarter if you file FCC Form 499-Q. The FCC will collect fees and contributions from providers on the basis of reported revenue on FCC form 499 A and Q. All these contributions go to USF and other federal funds.


In case you require FCC Form 499 A or Form 499-Q Registration Services, Form499.pro has you covered. We have been doing FCC Registration for years and we assure you that your FCC Form 499 A or Q Registration will be accomplished with perfection to get you the FCC Registration Numbers. You can call us today at (202) 935-0035.

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